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TBM applies for additional rights in AOI

Contracted Terranotes to interpret aeromagnetic data of AOI done by MMC and U308

Signed definitive agreement with U308 Corp

Applied for license transfer in AOI to Minexco Minerals

Initial results from exploration

Completed Terranotes interpretation report

Assembled joint venture technical team


Initiated baseline studies with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Completed flyover and data collection for high-resolution aeromagnetic study

Non-brokered private placement from Dundee Capital Markets and Pinetree Capital Ltd.

SRK Consulting completed integrated aremagnetic interpretation of the data

SRK Consulting began work N143-101 report

Completed field work for EPA baseline study

Commenced ground proofing and sampling program


Minexco Minerals purchased all the rights, title and interest to the Tamakay Project

Collected historical/Current data

Appointed SRK. Consulting for the project

Opened local office in Guyana

All rights, interests and obligations of the Tamakay property officially transferred to Minexco Minerals with endorsement by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission