Our Strategy

Minexco Minerals is focused on exploring for gold and speciality base metals in Guyana, South America.

The Board believes that Guyana has vast undeveloped resource potential that the company is well placed to develop through the use of modern mining techniques. Our strategy is to identify new opportunities in additional under-explored territories and secure prospects that will enhance and complement our existing portfolio of assets in the Tamakay area.

The opportunity is underpinned by the high prospectivity of the region. Guyana has a history of gold production with this being the country’s largest export, however the area is one of the least known and least explored gold terrains in the world. It lies beneath the Guiana Shield, a world-class gold belt covering around 200,000 km2 and is believed to be an extension of the West African Shield. Guyana has a stable mining regime that supports and encourages international exploration and development, thus mitigating our operating risk. Underpinning the strategic success of our projects in Guyana are strong relationships with the government and local community that we have worked hard to foster and maintain.


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