Geology & History

The Tamakay Prospecting Licence (PL) is situated in the Mazaruni District, 220km south west of Georgetown and 15km north east of Tamakay Landing, covering around 52km2.

The geology of the area follows a similar pattern to that of most gold-bearing occurrences and is characterised by a narrow belt of greenstone schist with sediment broken by the Puterang Batholith. The Tamakay mine prospect includes three quartz veins: Tamakay, Florian and Queenslane.

The Tamakay area has been mined for gold and diamonds since the early twentieth century with shallow pits, old shafts, dredge sites, stamp mills and tailing dams still scattered throughout the area. There are some reports and records in the public domain of the Geological Survey of Guyana, but no gold reserves were reported or documented. Former working mines in the Tamakay concession from the 1930’s include: Deadman’s Hill, Florian, Queenslane Vein and Tamakay Creed.