Current Status & Prospects

Despite the regional mining history, the Tamakay area has not been explored using modern techniques.

In March 2011, Minexco Minerals completed a detailed airborne geophysical survey over Tamakay with results indicating a good structural location and additional, similar structures running into a major, east-west orientated feature. Soil surveys show that a magnetic feature is prospective and the geophysical feature extends between the Tamakay and Southwest soil grids. Target characteristics show large fault systems and intrusive complexes indicating potentially large deposits. Exploration work is currently underway with initial drilling due to commence in 2013. 

In March 2012, we completed a joint venture agreement with U308 Corp. to acquire additional exploration properties adjacent to the Tamakay gold concession with the principal targets being gold and potential gold-copper deposits. Exploration is currently being carried out by U308 Corp.’s exploration team and, under the terms of the agreement, Minexco Minerals will finance the operation within a defined area of interest.