Corporate Social Responsibility

Minexco Minerals has had a long-term local presence in Guyana since 2009.

We have established excellent relationships with the local community and government to help address some of the key issues the country faces including a shortage of skilled labour in key sectors and a deficient infrastructure. We are committed to: 

  • Investing in the social and community welfare of the countries in which we operate.
  • Working with local communities to improve living conditions, education and health care.
  • Running development programmes in collaboration with local communities.

Community Engagement

 Caring & Sharing csr 

Guyana Relief Committee

We donated funds to the Guyana relief Committee to support the recovery effort following major flooding in the region.




Guyana Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment

We developed and ran a one-week Oil & Gar Masters in business Administration (MBA) for the Guyana Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment. The course is designed as an introduction to the Petroleum Directorate and the oil industry, preparing attendees for their role in the oil and gas business worldwide.


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